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Our Kick-Ass Candidates for VA 2019

We chose these five candidates because they are smart, gutsy, progressive women who have real chances to win these seats — and they need grassroots help. Virginia was redistricted this past year, creating many more flippable opportunities for Democrats this November.

Fall 2019: Virginia

Why Virginia matters — even if you don’t live in Virginia.


State legislatures control expanding access to healthcare, enacting gun control, preserving a woman's right to abortion, and redistricting that will determine whether there will be fair elections for the next decade. (For an even scarier reason check out the constitutional convention here.)

Four states will be electing state legislatures in 2019 — and Virginia is the one* that is flippable. On November 5, all 100 seats in the House of Delegates and all 40 seats in the state Senate will be up for election. Democrats need to flip only 2 seats in each to take control of both chambers. So let’s help these kick-ass women win their seats!

Meet the Broads who can help save Virginia.


Hala Ayala  HD-51


Nancy Guy  HD-83


Ghazala Hashmi  SD-10


Sheila Bynum-Coleman  HD-66


Debra Rodman  SD-12

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