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What's DC Statehood?

DC Statehood is the most direct way for DC citizens to achieve equality and full representation in Congress.


712,000 people live in DC and have no representation in Congress.

That means we don't have Senators or Congresspeople — we have "Shadow Reps" who have no voting power or say in how things are done on a federal level.

In 2016, DC residents voted 86% in favor of statehood!

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We pay more federal taxes than any other state and don't have federal representation.

We pay the highest per-capita federal income taxes in the US. AND we serve in the armed services — and still don't get a say in how the money is spent!


We also have a bigger population than two states — Vermont and Wyoming.

Yes, two states have two senators and Congresspeople and DC has ZERO. That just doesn't make any sense.


DC Statehood is a movement —and now a bill in Congress — to get federal representation for DC.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC's non-voting member of Congress, introduced HR-51 "Washington DC Admission Act" in 117th Congress with over 200 co-sponsors. 

See a current list of co-sponsors here.

Why should you care?


DC Statehood would give us TWO MORE Democratic Senators and ONE MORE Democratic House member in Congress.

We know the House has a Democratic majority, but imagine if we could get 2 more progressive Democratic senators from DC! 


Statehood would allow DC to have control over its own laws, spend its own money, and choose its own judges.

Right now Congress can and does veto our budget, interfere with our DC laws, and ignore our referendums that are passed by DC residents.


If you live in one of the 50 states you've got the power to pressure your representatives and demand statehood for DC.

We need your help calling your elected Congresspeople and telling them they need to vote for DC Statehood. See if they are co-sponsors and send them a note!

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