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Why join Broads Save America?

Broads Save America is a group of activists, organizers, resisters, and persisters who want to elect more kick-ass, progressive women to office at all levels of government.

Easy actions for busy people. We are moms and business owners and we know free time is in short supply. We will direct you to the candidates where your time and dollars can make the biggest difference. 

We've done the research. We researched districts that are primed to be flipped and are focusing on bad-ass, accomplished women who have compelling stories, are pro-choice, and have earned the Moms Demand Action Distinction. These are all seats that we know we can win.

Voting is not enough. We encourage everyone to take one more action to get progressive women elected — whether it's attending a fundraiser, writing a postcard, or hosting a house party — and to spread the word about these exciting women and why we ALL need to join forces to support them.


Looking beyond your own state. Our goal is to keep expanding and to get more people plugged into ALL of the important races that we MUST win across the country — not just in your own state, but also your neighboring state, and the state you grew up in, and the state your aunt lives in, and the state you daughter may go to college in — you get the idea!

Let's keep it positive. Through our website and Facebook page we will highlight pro-choice, progressive kick-ass female elected officials and candidates, what they are doing and saying, and how to help them win.

We know you are busy, but we need everyone to take action to help save democracy.

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