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Reclaim Our Vote

Write postcards and mail by December 7th!

Learn more about Reclaim Our Vote here

This is the last week to participate in the Georgia Special Election postcard campaign. We just received 5,000 more addresses and could use your help in writing postcards to encourage voters of color to Vote Early! 


Email the ROV Team: Roxane, Laurie, Jessie

if you can pick up, write, and send postcards by Dec. 7th!

Email us if you can write postcards this week AND either have extra Reclaim Our Vote postcards on hand, or it’s convenient for you to pick up postcards from one of our local distributors:

  • Potomac

  • Silver Spring

  • AU/Tenleytown

  • DuPont Circle

  • SW/Waterfront

  • Arlington


You can pick up packets of 30 postcards, labels and names & addresses for just $2.


Postcards must be mailed by Monday, December 7, so ordering postcards from VistaPrint is not a good option.

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