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Broads WRITE America!

Join us in writing postcards for our kick-ass candidates,

help get the vote out, and save democracy.

Request your postcards HERE.

Help us keep the postcards flowing and buy stamps: contribute here

When you receive your postcards - click here to see sample scripts

for each candidate.

Broads Save America is a group of activists, organizers, resisters and persisters fighting to elect kick-ass, pro-choice, progressive women at all levels of government.

Broads Save America:

congresswomen in white - sotu.jpg

raises awareness and 
gets you energized about phenomenal, progressive women running for office

EqualPayisaHumanRight-Outside Trades Hal

provides easy actions

for busy people who

want to make a real difference

voting is people power.jpg

is a positive forum

to break through

all the crap on your

news feed


welcomes everyone

Sound good? Let’s get started.

Know about a candidate we should support in 2020? Tell us about her!

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